3 reasons to add interior glass

3 Reasons to Add Interior Glass Doors Inside Your Home

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There is a talk a lot about how new doors and windows can enhance the outside look of your home. But did you know that they can also be used on the inside of your home as well?

15 Corner Wall Shelf Ideas To Maximize Your Interiors

15 Corner Wall Shelf Ideas To Maximize Your Interiors


While most of us spend an insane amount of time decorating our home and planning for more efficient interiors, it is often that lonely little corner space that goes unnoticed. Many among us pretty much resign to the fact that there is very little we could do about it and tend to either place a decorative art piece or something quite inconsequential there. Yet, there are plenty of wall shelf designs that can turn the boring corner into an exciting display or storage option.

Starting a Bathroom Remodel

Starting a Bathroom Remodel


Learn about bath types, choosing a layout, budgeting, space planning and hiring contractors

It’s a spa getaway, a calming retreat, a small slice of serenity where you can shut out the world and exhale. We’re not talking about an exotic resort, here. The bathroom—that room with a toilet, bathtub, sink and shower—is an ideal space to create a happy place you can visit a few times each day without ever leaving your home.