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Painted Glass, The New Modern Style of Glass.

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Painted glass is one of the hottest trends in the glass industry.  With unlimited colors available you can let your imagination run wild!  Many applications used for painted glass is kitchen and bathroom counter tops, kitchen backsplashes, table tops and bathroom shower walls.  Dynamic Glass is one of the areas only glass company that paints their glass in house allowing you more flexibility with colors (just pick your paint) and time frames.  With a special system to where no matter the application your paint is adhered to your glass.  Dynamic Glass also offers several in stock color options.

shower curtains opened vs closed

Design Duel: Shower Curtain Open or Closed?


Whether he knows it or not, my husband and I have been in a long-standing (mostly unspoken) standoff about whether the shower curtain should remain open or closed when no one is showering. A typical morning in our household: he showers and leaves the curtain open. I come in 5 minutes later to brush my teeth and close it. He comes in 5 minutes later to brush his teeth and opens it. And on and on… So, who’s right?

how to prevent scratches on glass table tops

Glass Dining Tables – Discover What Causes Scratches and How to Prevent Them


Have you ever wondered about the things that can cause scratches on glass dining tables? Maybe you’re in the process of buying one, or you already have a nice piece of wood dining table and you’re thinking of having a glass placed on top to add protection to the wood dining table and make it more pleasing to the eyes. But how about protecting the glass? How do you prevent scratches and nicks from occurring on your glass dining table?