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Painted Glass, The New Modern Style of Glass.

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Painted glass is one of the hottest trends in the glass industry.  With unlimited colors available you can let your imagination run wild!  Many applications used for painted glass is kitchen and bathroom counter tops, kitchen backsplashes, table tops and bathroom shower walls.  Dynamic Glass is one of the areas only glass company that paints their glass in house allowing you more flexibility with colors (just pick your paint) and time frames.  With a special system to where no matter the application your paint is adhered to your glass.  Dynamic Glass also offers several in stock color options.

Glass wall partitions

Glass Partition Wall Design Ideas and Room Dividers Separating Modern Bedrooms from Bathrooms

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Partition wall design is one of modern interior design trends, especially for separating bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens and home offices from living areas. Drapery fabrics and glass wall design ideas are among the most popular room dividers and partition walls. Lushome shares a collection of modern interior design ideas for dividing bedrooms from bathrooms in elegant and contemporary style.

How to Use Mirrors for More Light and Style - Elizabeth Cross-Beard

How to Use Mirrors for More Light and Style

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Mirrors are a decorator’s best friend, and with good reason — a well-placed mirror makes the most of a room’s natural light, enhances views, opens a small space and adds oomph to decor. The key lies in pairing the right mirror with the right location to maximize its decor-uplifting potential. Here are 15 proven pairings to try in your own house.

How Much Weight Can be on a Glass Shelf

How Much Weight Can I Put on a Glass Shelf?

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Glass shelves allow you to view your display items from all angles, but overloading them can result in damage to both the shelves and the items. Glass shelving’s maximum weight load depends several factors, including the type of glass, its thickness and the distance between the shelves’ supporting brackets.

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Advantages of Floating Glass Shelves

Advantages of Using Floating Glass Shelves

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Floating glass shelves serve a wonderful function. If you want your home or office to be more organized, floating glass wall shelves are the best way of doing it. Shelves are creative design elements which can be used to fill up empty wall spaces. The only catch is that you should have an area that is big enough for them. It can be a problem if you have issues with your available space. Fortunately, floating shelves were invented to solve this problem.