Do Frameless Shower Doors Leak?

Bathrooms, Glass

With frameless shower doors becoming one of the most popular shower enclosures on the market we get a lot of questions about leakage from our customers.  Frameless shower doors do not have a bottom track and do have very small gaps at the sides of the door, the hinges and where glass meets other glass.  With proper installation from a licensed professional it is highly unlikely that water will pass through these gaps.

Dynamic Glass Inc’s experience professionals use several guidelines to make sure your shower door will not have any leaks. First is to make sure that your curb or area the shower is sitting on has a slope inwards towards the middle of the shower.  This helps the water to flow naturally towards the middle of your shower, down the drain. Next is to make sure your shower head does not have direct contact with any seams on the glass. There is vinyl molding that can be added to the seams of your glass, most customers do not like the “look” of the vinyl.  Vinyl cannot be added to the inside of the door where the hinges are located.  Over time your vinyl molding will need to be replaced to ensure leaking from occuring.  These tips will help prevent water leakage but any direct contact with water (like a hand held shower head sprayed directly onto the glass) may cause leakage.

Rest assured that using the proper professional who provides quality products and installation your frameless shower will bring your home beauty, add value to your home and bring you years of enjoyment!


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