how to prevent scratches on glass table tops

Glass Dining Tables – Discover What Causes Scratches and How to Prevent Them


Have you ever wondered about the things that can cause scratches on glass dining tables? Maybe you’re in the process of buying one, or you already have a nice piece of wood dining table and you’re thinking of having a glass placed on top to add protection to the wood dining table and make it more pleasing to the eyes. But how about protecting the glass? How do you prevent scratches and nicks from occurring on your glass dining table?

The following are some of the typical but usually unnoticed caused of these scratches.

Plates and Bowls

Sometimes, when someone is setting plates and bowls on a large table, they nonchalantly slide them on the surface instead of walking to that spot where the plates should be placed. This action causes scratches on the tabletop surface. In order to prevent this from happening, the best thing would be to never try to slide a bowl or plate on a table. But just to be sure, better put placemats or table cloth on the table, before placing any plates and utensils.

Cups and Glasses

These are the usual culprits of glass table scratches since they are picked up and put down a lot more than the plates and bowls. Again, the best way to avoid getting scratches from cups and glasses is to use some form of protective items under them like decorative coasters and placemats.


Metal and glass definitely do not mix. When metal comes into contact with glass, it’s a sure way for your glass dining table to get nicked and chipped. What you do is use two layers of protection for your table by wrapping your silverware with a napkin and placing them down on a placemat. This way, anybody who  is dining on your table will put back the silverware on the placemat rather than directly on the table when they set the pieces down.

Napkin Rings

While napkins are very soft material that can hardly scratch anything, napkin rings are not. They are usually hard pieces that can scratch your glass dining table without you knowing it. So always have a placemat between them and the glass top.

Service Pieces and Utensils

 Use a pad or placemat  beneath them or look for an alternative way to protect your table from possible nicks and scratches when these service pieces and utensils are picked up and set down or slid around the table.


Your centerpieces may be beautiful but make sure that their bottom do not touch the surface of your glass dining table. Maybe you can use a doily or other decorative piece of cloth or placemat that is best suited for centerpieces.


The guests you invite to dinner may be

wearing heavy rings and bracelets that can get in contact with your glass dining table causing scratches and marks on the surface. This is why it is always best to  have a table cloth thrown in on top of the table for added protection.

By knowing about these things, you will be able to prevent these scratches from spoiling the look of any of your beautiful dining tables.

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