Table base ideas

Base Ideas for Glass Table Tops


Glass table tops can enhance the decor of any room. The clean, smooth and shiny surface of glass makes it an ideal material to create sleek, simple and casual furniture designs, as well as more formal and elegant designs. With a little creativity and careful preparation, you can create custom designed furniture with base ideas for glass table tops. Some include completely recycled materials.


Tree Stump

  • If you like natural outdoors accents or atmosphere in your home, making a glass table out of a tree stump can really give your room a modern woodsy look. A thick, solid tree stump can make an attractive and sturdy table base when evenly cut on the top and bottom and treated with appropriate wood conditioners, stains and varnishes. The glass top allows the natural wood to be displayed from every angle, and the natural appearance creates the illusion of being rooted in the floor.

Cinder Blocks

  • For a more contemporary urban look, a couple of cinder blocks and a plate of glass can make a modern industrial-style coffee table, end table or dinette. You can usually buy the heavy cement blocks at home remodeling and repair centers, or salvage them from construction and demolition sites. Place non-skid rubber grips or suction cups atop the blocks to keep the glass from slipping, and create simple stylish and functional tables.


  • Pillars make excellent bases for glass table tops that adorn rooms of a more formal decor. You can find numerous colors and styles of pillars at department stores, craft centers and home improvement retailers. For a truly custom design, purchase white, unfinished pillars at your local ceramics dealer and paint them with the colors of your choice. Pillars come in a variety of sizes and heights, allowing you to create small accent tables with one pillar, or use several for larger dining or display tables.


  • For really radical styles and distinct personalization, incorporate some of your favorite items into your table base design to create a “glass case” appearance that brings out your personality in your decor. Skateboarders and enthusiasts can make a glass table that shows their love for the sport by placing upside-down skateboards atop a wooden base. The rubber wheels — when cut or sanded flat — make ideal stoppers to keep the glass in place but must first be secured to disable spinning. Music lovers can lay a large base drum on its side and place a round slab of glass on top of it to create a low-standing coffee table.

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