Advantages of Floating Glass Shelves

Advantages of Using Floating Glass Shelves

Decorating with Glass, Glass

Floating glass shelves serve a wonderful function. If you want your home or office to be more organized, floating glass wall shelves are the best way of doing it. Shelves are creative design elements which can be used to fill up empty wall spaces. The only catch is that you should have an area that is big enough for them. It can be a problem if you have issues with your available space. Fortunately, floating shelves were invented to solve this problem.

To define floating shelves, these are designed to appear like they are floating on your wall when you suspend them since there is no visible support system. Floating glass shelves brackets are usually made of transparent materials as well, so it is almost impossible to see them except on closer inspection. Generally, floating glass shelves can be utilized both for aesthetics as well as practicality. Like regular shelving units, floating designs are used for displaying items and as a storage solution. The sizes vary depending on your preferred width and length. There are many brands that are available on the market. For floating glass shelves Ikea offers various choices depending on your needs.

Smaller floating glass shelves can be used for trophies or special decorations. Using the shelves would allow the unusual quality and uniqueness of your showcased item to become the focus. If you intend to put heavier items on the shelves such as desktop speakers or TV, you need to use the medium kind. For displaying photos, sculptures or even your stoneware collection, you must use large floating glass shelves. There are several levels available so the shelves could also be used as a bookstand.

Factors To Consider

Your choice of floating glass shelves can create a big difference in the look and ambiance of any room so you have to consider several factors.

  • What To Display

For items such as big hardbound books, glass may not be the best option since it could break under the load. The strength of your shelves will depend on your fixings and brackets but in general, glass is more fragile so for your peace of mind, do not use it for extra heavy items.

  • Desired Effect, Ambiance And Existing Furniture

Floating glass shelves could be too minimalist or modern for a traditional and rustic décor. However, if you want to achieve a contemporary look in your room, then glass shelves would be the best choice. Glass can go along well with a wide range of interior décor and styles, and complement a wide variety of designs.

  • Safety

If the floating glass shelves would be positioned quite low and there are young kids in the house, use only strengthened and toughened tempered glass. It is much safer than ordinary glass.

Floating glass shelves are mainly suited for bathrooms since they are usually smaller than the other rooms in the house and there is no need to display bulky or heavy items. In addition, tinted floating glass shelves complement bathroom color schemes well.

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