Bright Ideas For Mirrors

7 Bright Ideas for Mirrors We Learned From House Tours

Decorating with Glass, Design, Mirrors

Mirrors are a must-have, expanding a space when you need it and reflecting natural light. They can also add an artful touch, bringing character and personality to a room. Here are seven times house tour residents used mirrors for a beautiful and functional effect…

1. Above, Zoie installed a mirror over her kitchen range, which looks like a wall cut-out, and makes the kitchen look twice its actual size.

2. Tyler and Lolly made an unexpected choice when they used mirror for their fireplace wall. It makes their 560 square foot apartment look spacious and airy by reflecting light from the overhead windows across the room.

3. Hanging a mirror just the right size for their inset nook creates a nice moment in Antonia and Cinzia bedroom. It feels planned like a custom feature, versus an afterthought.

4. Meg and Steve’s bedroom has what looks like an oversized medicine cabinet on the wall, which doubles as a full length mirror. I’m imagining a hinged door and lots of storage in there. It also feels like a large piece of modern art.

5. Turn two floor length mirrors and hang them horizontally for some inexpensive and functional wall art. Seen here in Jonah and Jodie’s bedroom.

6. Joanne and Derek used two beautiful antique arched mirrors in their bedroom as a one-of-a-kind headboard.

7. Erin’s says her biggest embarrassment are these mirrored tiles above the bed, which she swears were left over from the previous owner. Still, if you are into that kind of thing…

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