decorating with large mirrors

Decorating with Large Mirrors

Decorating with Glass, Mirrors

Mirrors are not only beautiful, but also functional accessories that can make a living area appear larger than its actual size. When using mirrors to add style to at home, we prefer the larger mirrors that make an undeniable statement. A long standing dream is to one day own a loft with a floor to ceiling mirror such as the featured photo.

Mirrored Wall: We can’t stop staring at the the visually stimulating mirrored wall. It commands attention and we appreciate that the mirror is broken up into smaller squares versus being one large sheet of glass.
NYC Apartment Bedroom Mirror: If we got dressed in this bedroom, we would never have to worry about having to share a mirror with someone else in the morning. On the downside, it would be hard to escape our reflection in the mirror. As vain as we think we can be sometimes, we are not sure if we want to look at ourselve all day.
Formal Dining Room Mirror: In our opinion, a large mirror fits seamlessly into a classic or modern dining room.
Full Length Bedroom Mirror: Large mirrors are a must for the bedroom and full length mirrors are especially helpful for composing the day’s wardrobe.
Breakfast Area Mirror: Mirrors are great tools to define an area in a larger room.

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