7 Best Glass Cleaners

Glass, Mirrors
Streaky mirrors got you down? Is the sun shining less brightly through grimy windows? These glass cleaners really clean up.

 - Flckr User: BrianVogel

Flckr User: BrianVogel

1.  Best Overall: Windex

Both the No-Drip Streak-Free Foaming Action Windex, and the original Windex with Ammonia-D can cut through any grime your windows and mirrors can cook up. They are fabulous indoors and out. The cost of Windex is moderate with some glass cleaners less expensive and a few even more expensive.

 - Photo Credit: Reckitt Benckiser

Photo Credit: Reckitt Benckiser. Photo Credit: Reckitt Benckiser

2.  Best Less Expensive: Glass Plus

If you’d like to save a little money and still get most of the cleaning power for indoor and outdoor use…Glass Plus is a great option. Still tough on grime, grease, and random bits of toothpaste, Glass Plus does a great job cleaning household glass.

3.  Best Least Expensive: Most Store Brands

Most store brands use a formula that will do a decent job on your mirrors and glass. They might not cut as easily through tough outdoor grime on windows, but indoor glass will be clean and shiny. Most major grocery centers have their own brand that will work well.

 - Photo Credit: Junko Yokoyama / Getty Images

Photo Credit: Junko Yokoyama / Getty Images. Photo Credit: Junko Yokoyama / Getty Images

4.  Best Homemade: Ammonia, Dishsoap, Rubbing Alcohol, Water Mix

There are several recipes for glass cleaner that can be homemade, but this one is the one that will clean outdoor, indoor, grime, grease, grit and more. It makes a gallon of window cleaner, so be prepared with some extra bottles that are clearly marked as window cleaner. One of the downsides of homemade window cleaner is that without the signature blue color it can be easier to be mistaken for water or juice, so keep your window cleaner safely stored and clearly marked to avoid confusion. To make, mix 1/2 cup of sudsy ammonia, 1 tsp of your favorite dish soap, 1 pint of rubbing alcohol, and enough additional water to make a gallon of cleaner.

 - Photo Credit: Method

Photo Credit: Method

5.  Best Smell: Method Best In Glass Mint

Method makes a great window and glass cleaner that smells divine. The soft mint smell is such a nice change from most glass cleaners. And since Method’s Best in Glass can stand up to tough indoor and outdoor messes, it makes a great choice. Add to that Method’s commitment to green cleaning options, and you’ve got a winner.

 - Photo Credit: Pricegrabber

Photo Credit: Pricegrabber

6.  Best Green: Seventh Generation Natural Glass & Surface

Seventh Generation’s glass cleaner wasn’t quite as effective as the other glass cleaners on the list, but for those looking for a green cleaning option, it is a good choice. Not only are Seventh Generation’s cleaners created from natural sources, the cost is very close to the cost of other cleaners. More »

 - Photo Credit: Pricegrabber

Photo Credit: Pricegrabber

7.  Best Wipes: Windex

Although the majority of the glass cleaners on the list have a wipe version of their cleaner, Windex wipes are tough and leave a streak-free shine on your glass surfaces. They aren’t as green as some of the other options, and are a little more expensive than some on the list, but they are sure to power through even your toughest messes on glass, indoors and out.


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