Music In Your Ear!

New Products

Have you heard yet about the great new Vive Electric Mirror? It is a new product we are carrying and we think its very awesome!

Vive technology from Electric Mirror is industry leading innovation with the first and only Bluetooth ®  enabled smart ready mirror.  Vive is simple and easy to use and transforms any of Electric Mirrors products into a wireless stero system.  It’s a perfect way to  create a streaming audio experience in any space with a just a touch.  Connect any Bluetooth smart ready device, sucha as a smart phone or tablet to Vive and your room is revolutionized.  Call Dynamic Glass, Inc. your Electric Mirror representative for details.

Vive Product Details:

  • *Integrates with any of Electric Mirror’s Framed or Lighted Mirror Products.
  • * 30 Foot Range for Blue Tooth Signal.
  • * Backlit Controls on Mirror.
  • * Anti-Bacterial Touch Controls.
  • * Easy to Clean.
  • * Various Premium Sound Options are Available.
  • * Use internal Speakers or Connect to an Installed Stereo System.

Visit our website for all your mirror needs.


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