How You Can Use Glass To Make Your Home Look Glamorous

Decorating with Glass

A simple glass table with nothing but a clean frame and no additional details would be just perfect for the entryway hall.

There was a time when glass was widely used in interior design. Remember those display bookcases with glass doors and shelves? Those would only look tacky now in comparison with some of the more stylish and simplistic designs we’re used with. Learn how to use glass to decorate your home and how to make it look sophisticated and chic.

A glass top for the dining table.


To emphasize and showcase a dining table with an interesting base, choose a transparent glass top. Not only that it will allow you to admire the base but it will also make a dining or breakfast nook look a lot more airy.

Combine glass with white.

Look how airy and spacious this room looks and feels. It’s in fact not that large but it feels that way because of the glass walls that separate it from the patio and because of the crisp white accents. The cracked glass dining table is a really awesome and interesting detail as well.

An interesting texture.

This unique glass counter was custom made and features a really interesting texture and design overall. Notice that the edges aren’t perfectly linear/ straight and this gives the counter lots of character.

A glass wall for the shower.

Glass shower walls don’t necessary need to be transparent. This shower, for example, has an aqua glass wall that looks really beautiful. The color is eye-catching but relaxing at the same time.

Glass walls and ceiling combo.

If you want something really special, build an extension or an annex for your home. You can give it glass walls and even a glass roof so the landscape and the views can embrace it. Inside, you can set up a casual living space, maybe a dining area too.

Separate social spaces with glass walls.

Spaces like your living room and dining area or other social spaces can remain separate while also being connected. Divide them with glass walls to make them feel more spacious and to also make the whole zone look more cohesive.

If you like these ideas or have any others, we can create the glass for you and install it! Contact Dynamic Glass Inc. today

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